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Hand thrown heavily flecked stoneware shallow coffee cup with a bone white matte glaze. The fleck comes from iron included in the clay body. 

Ideal mug for a lungo coffee or herbal tea, capacity is approximately 200ml.

Hand thrown in our Cotswolds studio and twice fired to a temperature of 1220 degrees over a 48 hour period. The whole process takes just over 2 weeks start to finish. 

 9  in diameter 
 5 cms tall

We use only recycled materials for packaging. Recently we’ve been using flour bags from our local baker which work really well to keep the pottery safe but let us know if you’re a coeliac! 

This mug is dishwasher and food safe.

Hand thrown stoneware coffee cup with a matte white glaze.

£24.00 Regular Price
£16.80Sale Price
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